To satisfy a longtime wish,
We climbed aboard a winding train;
With expectations riding high,
We hoped to live the Canadian dream.

Settling into our spacious seats,
We smiled and heaved a thankful sigh;
And through the panoramic glass,
We watched the countryside go by.

As nature's splendour unfolded,
A tired child began to yell;
And even though I empathized,
I longed to leave that noisy h*ll.

But my keenness could not be dulled
By his copious tears - a steady flow,
I longed to glimpse the beauteous sights -
Go only where a train could go.

At last, in Sudbury we changed trains,
And settled into our cosy room;
The gentle motion of the train,
Lulled us to sleep within its womb.

Snow fell softly as we rolled through
Canada's untamed wilderness;
When morning broke we stared in awe,
And huddled in our warm fortress.

Dotting the sky in Thunder Bay,
Vertical warehouses store grain;
It's shipped from this point to the world,
And brought to the west by train.

The rough terrain changed suddenly,
As we approached cold Winnipeg;
The Rocky Canadian Sheild
Disappeared near the prairie leg.

We saw snow fall from wind-blown pines,
Watched the train zigzag 'cross a creek;
We gazed at stars in the dome car,
Then we were gently rocked to sleep.

We slept while all Saskatchewan slept -
Woke in time to say goodbye;
Saw prairie lands turn into hills,
Their snowy summits 'gainst the sky.

Near Banff, we saw elk quietly graze,
The village was a wondrous sight;
Intoxicated by it all,
We settled down for a short night.

At four, we were high in the dome,
Watched daylight glint off mountain tops;
Saw swirling waters down below,
As we snaked dangerously close to drops.

The scenery made a sudden change,
Before our unbelieving eyes;
The rugged canyons melted into
Valleys lush, by mountainous skies.

We journeyed further to the west,
The rhythm making promises
Of more excitement to be found,
On Vancouver's premises.