pdf file for printing the music

"Mommy, why are pearly raindrops round?
Where does the rainbow end?
How many stars are in the sky?
Why does a bluebird sing?"

"Its tiny parts are held by love,
A rainbow never ends;
And only God can count the stars,
A happy bluebird sings."

"Where are the clouds when the sky is clear?
What makes the wind whistle?
Why does my little finger pain
when pricked upon a thistle?"

"The fluffy clouds play hide and seek,
A playful wind whistles;
You prick your finger and you cry
To get your Mommy's cuddles."

"How much water is in the sea?
Why is it dark at night?
Why do stars twinkle in the sky?
Why do I dream 'til light?"

The deep blue sea will never run dry,
And dark nights are for sleeping;
The twinkling stars sing you to sleep,
So hush now, dreams are creeping."