pdf file for printing the music

Blow gently breeze and take me to Dreamland,
Where brooks and the mountain lakes know you by name;
Where little brooks babble and orioles chortle,
Mice sit under toadstools while playing a game.
Mocking birds mimic the catbirds with mewing,
And deer in the forest around me are tame.

Whirling and dancing, I step on the clover,
The dew is all pearly, the grass is so green;
The beautiful butterfly, buttery buttercup,
Hovering hummingbird all share my dream.
Black velvet coats in the molehill are playing,
The small tufted titmouse sits down by a stream.

Leprechauns, splendid in leatherwood sandals,
Are giggling and jiggling and prancing about;
While butternuts, pansies and sweet scented jasmine,
Surround them while squirrels are nibbling, no doubt!
Fairies are flitting from flower to flower,
And sprinkling sparkling raindrops throughout.

Blinking, the stars nod as I mount a moonbeam,
To transport me homeward as night's curtain falls;
They gather and whisper, my friends from the woodland,
Present me with memories wrapped in a shawl.
Smiles on their faces, they stand there before me,
But, Mommy awaits me, I hear her call.