(midi is Fear A Bhata)

Dear Nanny, proud creature of the morning,
Your face picturesque like the ancient oak;
You work your magic with the old coal stove -
Put bread loaves in the oven as you stoke.

With your white braided hair and soft pink cheeks, You hide a soul courageous and profound;
An eager spirit born before its time -
Its genius bursting forth without a sound.

Your apron covered bosom hides a heart
So delicate and tender and so strong;
You toil with cheerful grace 'til the night gloam,
No thoughts of personal gain to you belong.

You talk about a valley far away -
A restful place that you'll one day call home;
You promise to return in summer's rain,
And walk with me once more where ere I roam.

The midi sequence used on this page is a song that I learned in Gaelic at my grandmother's knee.