The pieces below were taken from the "Skye Collection" compiled and arranged in 2002 for the violin and piano
by Keith Norman MacDonald. The first edition of the famous Skye Collection appeared in 1887. The Beaton Institute
of the University of Cape Breton supplied the originals to Norman MacDonald of the Isle of Skye, now residing in
Sydney, Cape Breton. My hope is that I was able to capture some of the Scottish flavour of the pieces. Enjoy!

Aberdeenshire Volunteers (Strathspey) - James Scott Skinner
Athole House (Reel) - Unknown
Athole's Honest Men (Strathspey) - Stewart Robertson
Ayrshire Lasses (Strathspey) - Earl of Eglinton
Bog An Lochan (Strathspey) - Unknown
Ca' the Stirks Frae Out the Corn (Strathspey) - Very Old
Dunie Mains (Strathspey) - Unknown
Farewell to Whisky (Strathspey) - Neil Gow
Garthlands (Strathspey) - James MacDonald
General Wemyss of Wemyss (Reel) - Nathaniel Gow
Glenlyon's Piper (Reel) - Unknown
Lady Bromes (Strathspey) - Robert MacIntosh
Lady Caroline Montague (Strathspey) - Neil Gow
Lady Georgina Campbell (Reel) - Unknown
Lady Isabella Wemyess (Strathspey) - Marshall
Lady Nelly Wemyess' Jig (Jig) - Unknown
Lalla Since the Queen's Come (Strathspey) - James Scott Skinner
Lord Moira (Strathspey) - Duncan McIntyre
Malcolm Dare Not Move (Reel) - K. N. MacDonald
Marnock's Strathspey - Unknown
Miller of Drone (Strathspey) - Nathaniel Gow
Miss Annie MacKinnon (Reel) - K. N. MacDonald
Miss Fogo (Reel) - Unknown
Miss Margaret Graeme of Inchbrakie (Strathspey) - Neil Gow
Miss Nisbit of Dirleton (Reel) - Nathaniel Gow
Miss Sutherland Gunn (Strathspey) - J. Scott Skinner
Miss Vearie Hay (Reel) - Donald Dow
Mr. Graham of Ochills (Strathspey) - Unknown
Mr. Ramsay Maule (Strathspey) - Neil Gow
Mrs. Ferguson of Raith (Strathspey) - Unknown
Mrs. Forbes of Boharm (Strathspey) - Marshall
Mrs. Haswell (Strathspey) - Duncan McIntyre
Mrs. Linley (Reel) - Duncan McIntyre
Mrs. MacDouwal Grant (Slow Strathspey) - Unknown
Mrs. Macinroy of Lude (Strathspey) - Joseph Lowe
Mrs. Moray of Abercairnie (Reel) - Neil Gow
Mrs. Moray of Abercarney (Reel) - Nathaniel Gow
Mrs. Wemyss of Cuttle Hill (Reel) - Nathaniel Gow
Muileann Dubh (Reel) - Very Old
North Bridge of Edinburgh (Strathspey) - Nathaniel Gow
Skye Air (Very Old) - Unknown
Stool of Repentance - Unknown
The Bottom of the Punch Bowl (Country Dance) - Unknown
The Braes of Tullymet (Strathspey) - Unknown
The Brig of Tilt (Reel) - Unknown
The Countess of Haddington (Strathspey) - Neil Gow
The Drovers Lads (Highland Jig) - Unknown
The Duchess of Buccleugh (Strathspey) - Neil Gow
The Hay Makers (Country Dance) - Unknown
The Highlanders Farewell to Ireland (Strathspey) - Unknown
The Highlands of Banffshire (Strathspey) - Captain Fraser
The Key Stone of Inverness (Strathspey) - Unknown
The Shieling in the Braes of Rannoch (Strathspey) - Unknown
The White Cockade (Country Dance) - Unknown
Treviot Bridge (Jig) - Unknown
Welcome Whisky Back Again (Strathspey) - Neil Gow