Grey Monday morning, factory town -
Assembly-line blues bring a country boy down.
Alone among millions, a hero unsung
In the new emmigration of Maritime sons.

Sounds of the ocean still ring in his ears
Through the hum of the engines, the clatter of gears.
Born to raise anchor, now he's just one
In the new emmigration of Maritime sons.

He calls once a week to say ev'rything's fine.
His buddy's a Bluenose who worked in a mine;
And Friday to Sunday their sorrows they drown,
And vow to take leave of this factory town.

But each Monday morning, the whistle resounds -
A new day, a dollar, a factory town.
For ev'ry survivor there's work to be done,
And a dream to fullfil for a Maritime son.
(repeat chorus and verse 3)

                Music   Piano Music