What are smoke-filled city streets compared with decks on trawlers?
Life at home just can't be beat, but who can make a dollar!
Some day you might save enough to buy that hard-earned freedom
To leave those city streets behind - but for now, you need them.

Close your eyes - dream a dream and maybe,
Till you wake tomorrow morn, you'll be home again.

So the streets weren't paved with gold - guess that's just a rumour.
So your new-found friends don't have your Gaelic sense of humour.
If you had the chance again, would you rearrange things?
If you had the chance again, would you really change things?


Oh, but life was easy once; young folk have few worries-
Playin' ball till after dark, pickin' sides and berries.
Now old friends are all behind, gone with darts and checkers;
So you spend your evenings playin' Winston Scotty records.

Double chorus:

                            Music   Piano Music