pdf file for printing the music

Strains from the calliope sound,
Faces are blurred as we go 'round;
Riding on the merry-go-round,
By myself so high above the ground;
Holding on tight with all of my might,
Galloping fast far into the night.

Steam from the calliope floats,
Ever expanding with new notes;
Popcorn smells come wafting past my nose,
Cotton candy keeps landing on my clothes;
Isn't it fun to ride in the sun?
It is such fun for everyone.

The calliope is red and white,
Bo Bo the clown is quite a sight;
One hand playing and one beneath his chin,
One foot out and the other foot tucked in;
With his red nose he lights up the way,
Under his hat his hair is like hay.

Time to go home, it's almost six,
I want to stay while the clock ticks;
Mommy comes and she gently lifts me down,
Goodbye merry-go-round goodbye clown;
Pretty soon the night will arrive,
I must go home, I'm only five.