MacDougall Castles

      Somerled's son, Dugall, held most of Argyll and also the islands of Mull, Lismore, Jura, Tiree, and Coll after his father's death.  His son, Duncan, and his grandson, Ewan, built castles to defend their broad dominions, including Dunstaffnage, Dunollie and Duntrune on the mainland, and Aros, Cairnburgh, Dunchonnel and Coeffin on the islands.  Dunollie, a craig rising up over seventy feet, was probably fortified as early as the sixth century and was to become the chief seat.  Other strongholds of the MacDougalls were Gylen Castle and Castle Stalker.  Only Dunollie and Gylen castles remain the property of the MacDougalls. 

Dunstaffnage Castle Dunstaffnage Castle
Dunollie Castle Dunollie Castle
Gylen Castle Gylen Castle
Duntrune Castle Duntrune Castle
Castle Stalker Castle Stalker
Aros Castle Aros Castle
Coeffin Castle Coeffin Castle
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