Sleep, my sweet baby, the still night surrounds us,
The small downy bluebird has gone to his nest;
The dew drops of morning have long left the roses,
Sleep on, my little one, safe at my breast.

Close your eyes darling, the sandman is coming,
To take you to dreamland, all lit by starlight;
You'll slide down a rainbow all sparkling with silver,
And then ride a moonbeam to castles of white.

Small fairies will greet you with peppermint candy,
And give you a swift ride on butterfly wings;
They'll then lay you down on a bed of rose petals,
And shower you with kisses and stardust of kings.

Hush-a-by darling, the first light of morning,
Will find you awake in your dear little bed;
As sure as the sun in the east daily rises,
Your mother will be here, you dear sleepy head.