pdf file for printing the music

There once was a man from the south of France,
Who spoke with a great deal of arrogance;
'Til head over heel, he slipped on a peel,
And crowds gathered 'round as he lost his pants.

There once was a little pet octopus,
Who fell on a plate of asparagus;
It splashed on the chest of a prim dinner guest,
And the owner thought it was hilarious.

There once was a long legged spider,
That lived in a bottle of cider;
Until a lady at afternoon tea,
Drank some now he lives inside of her.

There once was a giant of an elephant,
Who wanted to look cute and elegant;
At a big fashion show, she bought a pink bow,
And now she goes places where others can't.

There once was a grouchy old billygoat,
Who had a big bullfrog stuck in his throat;
When the frog struggled free, the goat screamed with glee,
That he could at last sing the sweetest note.