Easter Bunny    
 A man is driving down the road when suddenly something darts in front of his car.  He  slams on the brakes, but he's unable to stop in time and hits it head on.  He jumps  out of the car to see what he hit.  There, lifeless in the middle of the road, lies the  Easter Bunny.  Mortified, the man just stands there, sobbing.  Finally, a woman  drives up and asks,  "What's the problem?"  "I ran over the Easter Bunny!" cries  the man.  "Now there will be no one to deliver eggs on Easter morning, and it's all my  fault."  "Don't worry," says the woman. She roots around in her bag, pulls out a  spray bottle, goes to the dead bunny, and sprays it.  Immediately, the bunny springs  up, hops for 10 feet, then stops and waves.  Then it hops another 10 feet and stops  and waves. It does this over and over again until it's out of sight.  Dumbfounded, the  man turns to the woman.  "What the heck is in that bottle?" he asks.  "Hare spray,"  answers the woman. "It revitalizes hare and adds permanent wave!"

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