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There was a lad so sweet and wise,
Who walked with a regal air;
Who danced and sang to his heart's delight,
And played without a care.
A gallant young lad, he braved north winds,
A handsome young lad and so debonair;
A merry young lad, he frolicked about,
A charming young lad and oh, so fair.

He jumped and danced in the still of the morning,
Touched tree tops while on his swing;
And he skipped and hopped 'til day closed its eyes,
And dreamt of what morning would bring.
He drummed and played with his castle and knights,
His grey plastic sword at his side,
Then the glittering stars sang him to sleep,
While rays from the moon stayed inside.

Then on one wet and windy day,
When sharp cries pierced the air;
James helped a maiden in distress,
Alone and in despair.
This brave young lad, so deftly he walked,
This strong young lad he lent her a hand;
This courteous young lad, so gently he spoke,
This noble young lad, so kind and so grand.

The lords and knights from London town,
Across the sea they came,
The Queen in velvet, gold and silk,
Made haste to royally proclaim:
I knight you Sir James, bow gracefully down,
An honour, Sir James, to bestow upon you;
I ask you, Sir James, to dance a gavotte,
And eat custard pie before I say adieu.