A night when leaves were off the bough,
And crystal snowflakes marked each scene,
He left his boyhood home behind,
In search of his dear Jacqueline.

The cruel wind whispered with a chill,
While he paid honour to the night;
An unseen bell rang loud and shrill,
As he walked deftly toward the light.

He sought the comfort of her hand,
He hoped her fickle heart to gain,
His passion slept beneath the calm,
As he thought of his Jacqueline.

His youthful limbs walked up the path,
His high-born heart was all a-glow,
She listened while he gently spoke,
And gazed upon his downcast brow.

She smiled as they sat 'round the fire,
The birch logs burned with fragrant scent,
And two hearts were at once entwined,
Beneath love's lofty firmament.