A sept is a family name that can be related to a clan or a larger family.  Many septs have become clans in their own right.  The Gillis' have no septs, but rather "cousins" according to clan chief Sir William MacPherson. Associated names are: Archibald, Carson, Cattanach, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clerich, Clerk, Clooney, Clunie, Cluny, Currie, Curry, Ellis, Ellison, Fersen, Gillespie, Gillies, Gow, Gowan, Lees, MacBurrich, MacCarson, MacChlery, MacClair, MacCleary, MacCleish, MacClerich, MacClooney, MacCloonie, MacClunie, MacCurrach, MacCurrie, MacGillies, MacGoun, MacGoune, MacGow, MacGowne, MacLear, MacLeary, MacLees, MacLeish, MacLerie, MacLise, MacMurdo, MacMurdock, MacMurdich, MacMuirich, MacPherson, MacVurich, Murdaugh, Murdo, Murdoch, Murdoson, Parson, Pearson and Smith.

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