pdf file for printing the music

A hungry lion is restless in his den,
A golden mane surrounds his massive head;
A little girl plays with a ball on Sunday afternoon,
A pretty ribbon in her hair to match a dress of red.

Music from the lion's den plays between verses and at the end.

The mighty lion lives near a narrow stream,
Tall reeds and grasses hide him while he waits;
The ball rolls down a rocky hill near Ellie's small backyard,
Her ponytail flies in the breeze as she goes through the gates.

The bold young lion is swift upon his feet,
His awesome strength is known to one and all;
Little Ellie, lithe of foot, draws nearer to his den,
A radiant smile upon her face as she retrieves her ball.

The native lion of Africa stands still,
The air is filled with a thunderous roar;
Ellie, frightened by the lion stands silently and still,
She peeks at him on tiptoes as she is only four.

The lion says he is lonely and bored,
Alone all day with nothing much to do;
Little Ellie speaks to him and walks up to his cage,
She promises to be his friend and visit at the zoo.