pdf file for printing the music

When the light of day has faded comes the dark purple sky,
I will rock you so gently while I sing a lullaby.
Hands of velvet will hold you and will touch every curl,
And my love will surround you, keep you safe little girl.

Rocking gently in the moonlight,
Shadows join us in song;
While the old earth grows sleepy,
And the sandman comes along.

Did you know that the song bird with the bright yellow breast,
Has left our small garden and has gone to his nest?
He'll rest there 'til morning voice soothed by night's balm,
Then he'll wake you with music while the wind is still calm.

I will rock you, my sweet baby in the cradle of love,
Nurture you with devotion, with help from above.
My hands will rock gently giving you a great start,
Strengthen you for a lifetime, lullaby my sweetheart.