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After working night and day, with a hammer and nails,
The chicken grabbed a paper and pen;
She invited the horse for a cup of sugar and tea,
And peaches and cream in the den.

Poor old chicken had her world turned upside down,
She lost her little egg and tea turned the carpet brown;
The sugar wed the cream as she couldn't live alone,
And the cart had to carry the old horse home.

On the night before the day, of the afternoon tea,
The hammer hit the egg on the head;
The chicken in her fury grabbed the peaches and ran,
And hit the poor hammer as he fled.

On the morning of the day of the afternoon event,
The chicken in a hurry made a pot of strawberry tea;
Her shaking hands spilled tea on the rug,
And the cream all alone turned to flee.

The cart came rolling to the door,
(The poor old horse was lame and sore.)
The chicken in a flurry grabbed some paper and a pen,
Held a note for him to see - the party is being held next door.