pdf file for printing the music

All the earth is bathed by morning,
Colours sparkle anew;
Fragrance lingering on the flowers,
Has been put there for you.

In her arms your Grammie holds you,
Tiny bundle of blue;
While she rocks you, the willow,
Blows a soft kiss to you.

Father's out in the garden,
Grass all touched by the dew;
Brother's out in the barnyard,
Getting sweet milk for you.

Birds are feeding their babies,
Their down is so blue;
They sit by your window;
Singing sweet songs to you.

Sister's feeding her kitten,
Can be heard a faint mew;
Mother's out in the kitchen,
Making pudding for you.

When the sun turns its lights off,
Then the stars twinkle through;
And the moon whispers softly,
"Many sweet dreams to you."