Walking down the street one day, his head up in the air,
He wore designer jeans by Calvin Klein;
He came upon a thin old man, all shrivelled from despair,
"Brother, can you spare me a dime?"

Don't you know the government robs Peter to pay Paul?
My taxes are so high they leave a dent;
We all know the middle class's the poorest of them all,
No way can I give you a cent.

Living in the suburbs, a mercedes at the door,
And further down the road a new corvette;
A volunteer comes up the step to canvass for the poor,
"Please sir can you give me a bit?"

Don't you know inflation levels and interest rates have soared?
My payments are so high I'm in a pickle;
I'm now reduced to eating shrimp and lobster without wine,
Sorry, I can't give you a nickle!

Climbing up the ladder in his haste to reach the top,
He broke the rungs which fell upon the land;
When at the top he faltered, he reached out for a prop
Saying, "Brother, can you lend me a hand?"

He burnt too many bridges in his effort to succeed,
His only motivation was to win;
And now he's paying dearly for his selfish acts of greed,
'Cause now he's on the outside looking in.