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     The two best blueberry recipe books that I have come across are "Basically Blue" by Fern Walker and "The Blueberry Connection" by Beatrice Ross Buszek.

     " Basically Blue", is a very interesting recipe collection of muffins, breads, desserts, cookies, squares and some unusual recipes such as chilled blueberry soup, tea, pops, candy, etc.  A note about Fern...

     "Blueberries have been my life" so says Fern Walker, the "Blueberry Lady", and the leading edge of wild blueberry promotion in Ontario and beyond.  Fern grew up on a blueberry farm in Nova Scotia and she has taken her knowledge of the industry and her enthusiasm to Ontario where she resides.  Her father, Carvell Stonehouse, was a pioneer and leader in the production of wild blueberries.   Fern's promotional programs include cooking demonstrations, television and radio appearances, interviews for numerous newspapers and food magazines, mall appearances and a network of fund-raising activities featuring sales of frozen wild Nova Scotia blueberries.  She is the author of "Basically Blue", a collection of 60 popular blueberry recipes.   Fern started her promotional work in 1983 when she sold 20,000 pounds of blueberries.  By 1990, her sales were over 70,000 pounds, all to non-profit groups.  The blueberry industry is fortunate to have Fern Walker setting the pace, and applauds her efforts in spreading awareness of wild blueberries. 

     "The Blueberry Connection" is a collection of 250 recipes with fact and folklore included.  The book was dedicated to Nova Scotian's in exile.  That was enough to catch my eye.  It's a wonderful book!

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