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From the time you awaken, from the first light of day,
Treat your world with great kindness, while at home and at play;
Never rude or untruthful, all forgiving and strong,
Delight in your blessings, teach those who do wrong.

Oh, sleep, my heart's darling, Grammie's love slumbers not;
The old moon shines bright as day, gathering dreams you forgot.

Make an effort to do well, listen carefully, be wise,
Only you can make it happen, fortune comes in disguise;
Anything that's worth doing, whether work, chores or play,
Should be done with great pleasure 'til the end of the day.

There is no greater joy, than in helping a friend,
Love just goes 'round in circles and returns without end;
Be sincere, it's a fine thing, show respect and don't be rude,
I believe it will bounce back, and show gratitude.

You can make your dreams happen, be determined and true,
Don't give up, show great courage, the rewards are for you;
Persevere, but be cautious, hidden dangers are there,
May God guide you safely, be with you everywhere.