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So craftily you slipped in while I slept.
Extinguishing my pleasant summer dreams;
I shivered while you froze summer's sweet breath,
And scattered all its ashes 'mid my screams.

The fragrance of the sweet white lilly's gone,
The music of the song birds put to rest;
And fairies have retreated from their homes,
On wings of wood nymphs flying all abreast.

Transfixed I stand, as with your skillful brush,
You paint earth's canvas in such brilliant hues;
I marvel at your delicacy of touch-
With your persuasive charm, you make me choose.

With the stark beauty of your bounteous cloak,
You coax me to renounce my steadfast claim;
Summer's sweet medley will be sorely missed -
Your triumph then, a measure of my pain.

Do not neglect to take me when you leave,
For distant stars along the milky way;
While winter's naked branches catch the snow,
'Til the sleepy earth greets spring's equinoctial ray.