Halloween Witches

What is a witch?
She is a female sorcerer or magician who has special powers.  A witch is usually seen as an evil-looking old woman. who can cast a spell over someone.  Witches entered Halloween in the 19th century. One of the most important witch's Sabbaths was held on Halloween. Witches were alleged to fly to these meetings on broomsticks, accompanied by black cats, who were their constant companions. Magical rites and ceremonies were performed by witches from all over the region at a sacred spot.

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What is a spell?
A spell is a verbal formula believed to have magical force.

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What is a magic potion?
It is a magical liquid mixture that could be medicinal or poisonous.

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What is a witch's brew?
It is a fearsome mixture - a powerful or terrifying concoction.

Recipe for Making a Witch's Brew