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1. Natural-colored burlap 36'' wide, 1 yard
2. Cotton ticking 36'' wide, 3/4 yard
3. Cotton polka dot print for scarf, 28'' x 1O''
4. Floral cotton, 36'' wide for shirt, pocket lining and overall bib facings, 1/4 yard
5. Floral cotton scrap for bird tail
6. Matching sewing thread
7. Brown suede-like fabric or felt, 14'' x 7'' for hat
8. Felt scraps: black, pink, red, navy blue, yellow
9. Small amounts of six-strand embroidery floss: red and black
10. Yellow Swistra (polypro raffia), about 23 yards
11. Two 1/2'' metal buttons
12. Batting for stuffing
13. String
14. Glue

1. Ruler
2. Pencil
3. Paper for patterns
4. Scissors
5. Straight pins
6. Sewing, embroidery and large-eyed needles
7. Sewing machine
8. Iron

1. Enlarge patterns by copying on paper ruled in 2'' squares.

2. Complete half-patterns indicated by long dash lines.
Add 1/2" all around on all fabric pieces when cutting them out.

1. From burlap, cut two body pieces, two of each head piece.
2. From felt, cut two black eyes, pink cheeks, red nose.
3. Glue to head front.
4. Using six strands of embioidery floss, with red, make two rows of outline stitch for mouth.
5. With black, embroider cross-stitches over mouth and make straight stitches for eyelashes. (See picture).
6. With right sides facing, pin sides of head to each side of face piece.
7. Stitch sides to face with 1/4" seams. (When stitching burlap, use very short machine stitches.)
8. Leave neck open. Stitch again 1/4" in from first seam (double stitch all burlap seams).
9. With right sides facing, pin back head piece to sides of head; stitch.Turn right side out.
10. Cut 92 four inch lengths of yellow Swistraw. Place 23 on right side of one burlap body front at end of arm even with raw edge of burlap.
11. Baste Swistraw in place. Repeat for other arm and each leg.
12. Pin the body front to the back with Swistraw between, right sides facing.
13. Stitch all around seams leaving neck open.
14. Turn to right side. Stuff legs up to short dash line. Stitch across short dash line.
15. Stuff rest of body; stuff head.

Before attaching head, make shirt.
1. Cut two shirts from floral print. Cut one in half for front.
2. With right sides facing, stitch fronts and back together along shoulder and underarm seams. Clip into corners.
3. Turn right side out. Make narrow hem at sleeve ends. Put shirt on body.
4. Turn in front edge of shirt 1/4" and slip-stitch shirt closed.
5. To attach head to body, thread large-eyed needle with string. Make running stitches around top of the neck along dotted line.
6. Place neck of head over neck of body; pull string to gather. Hand sew body and head together with string. Then wrap string tightly around neck a few times to form a distinct neckline.

1. Cut 50 yellow Swistraw pieces, each about 9'' long.
2. Gather them together at centers; tack to top of head.

1. From cotton ticking, cut two straps, each 1 1/4'' x 10 1/2".
2. Using pattern, cut front and back with stripes of ticking running lengthwise; follow dot-dash line for top of back piece.
3. Cut pocket with stripes of ticking running crosswise.
4. From same floral print as shirt, cut out pocket lining and two overall facings indicated by dotted line on pattern.
5. For pocket, pin floral pocket lining to ticking pocket, right sides facing.
6. Machine stitch all around leaving an opening along one curved edge for turning. Turn right side out; turn in raw edges of opening and press.
7. Topstitch 1/4'' in along curved edges of pocket.
8. Pin pocket to front of overalls with center along half-pattern. Topstitch down pocket center and 1/4'' in along all straight edges leaving curved seams open.
9. With overall back and front together, right sides facing, stitch along sides, inner leg seams and crotch. Ravel edges of pants legs at bottom. Turn to right side.
10. Turn under and stitch along raw edges of straps. Place straps, on right side of overall back, between crosslines indicated on pattern; match raw end of straps with raw edges of top of bib. Right sides together, stitch facing pieces at sides.
11. Slip facing over overall top, right sides facing and straps between.
12. Stitch overalls and facing together along top, back and side edges.
13. Clip into curves; turn overall facings right side out. Press seams. Put overalls on doll.
14. Cross straps in back and tack in front under bib. Sew two metal buttons where straps meet front of overalls.

1. From polka dot fabric, cut triangle having a 28'' wide base, 10"high. Make narrow hems on all edges.
2. Tie scarf around neck and tack to burlap.

1. Cut a circle from brown suede-like fabric, 7'' in diameter.
2. With brown thread make a running stitch around the edge of circle. Pull thread to gather.
3. Stuff hat with a little batting.
4. For brim, cut a circle 5 1/2" in diameter. Slip-stitch gathered circle to the center of brim circle leaving 1 1/2" of brim all around.
5. Cut a small square from floral print and whip it to the top of hat for patch. Slip-stitch hat on head over hair. Trim hair randomly.

1. Cut out two bodies and one tail from blue felt. Cut another tail from scrap of cotton print.
2. From yellow felt cut out a beak and two eyes.
3. Place two bodies together with beak in place, stitch around the edges of the bird, stuffing as you sew.
4. To make tail, sew cotton print tail and felt tail together, right sides facing; leave small opening for turning. Clip curves, turn right side out.
5. Slip-stitch opening closed; stip-stitch tail to bird.
6. Tack bird to scarecrow's shoulder.

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