Picture here
Pattern here
Folding diagram here

Paper for patterns

Construction or sturdier paper (colors below)
All-purpose glue
Black sewing thread
Yellow soutache braid
Tan yarn, 2 1/2 yards
Scrap of ribbon

General Directions:
Enlarge patterns by copying on paper ruled in 1" squares; complete half-patterns indicated by long dash lines. Short dash lines indicate where pieces are overlapped. Dotted lines show where pieces are folded.
Make basic piece, referring to folding diagram.
Cut a 12" square out of paper; fold in half and in quarters. Open folds. Fold corners to center.
Turn folded paper over and fold the corners to center.
Glue these corner sections down flat; let dry.
Fold glued side in half vertically to make additional crease; unfold.
Insert fingers into folds on other side; bring two bottom corners together; glue in front and staple together in back; do the same with top corners.
By using fingers in back, you can make mouth open and close.
Cut pieces of paper for each to fit upper and lower parts inside of mouth; glue in place.
Cut out and glue on features.

Use white paper for basic piece; cut notches on sides of bottom to simulate fur.
Use red paper for mouth.
Cut lower part of face and eye mask (blue on pattern), also teeth of white.
Cut head fur and outer ears of orange.
Cut inner ears, eye centers, eyelashes, and four tiny strips (for forehead whiskers) of black.
Cut irises of green.
Cut outer eyes of blue.
Cut nose and tongue of red.
Glue end of tongue deep inside mouth.
Fold teeth up and glue flat edge toward front of lower mouth.
Glue head fur on face.
Glue nose in place.
Glue eyes on mask; glue mask and head fur on basic piece.
Glue inner ears on outer ears; glue on head sides inside back of basic piece.

Use tan paper for basic piece.
Fold top corners of basic piece back about 1/2"; glue.
Use pink paper for mouth.
Cut two ears of tan. Cut snout, nose, outer eyes, eye centers, eyebrows of black.
Cut middle parts of eyes and strip for line on forehead of brown.
Cut teeth and small sections to fit under middle sections of eyes of white.
Cut tongue of red. Glue end of tongue deep inside mouth.
Fold teeth up and glue toward front of lower mouth.
Glue on snout, eyes, brows, line on forehead.
Fold ends of nose back; glue ends to snout center.
Glue on ears inside back of head.

Use white paper for basic piece; round off corners with scissors.
Use orange paper for mouth.
Cut beard, moustache, eye patch, eyebrow, and eye center of black.
Cut hat and outer eye of green.
Cut middle section of eye of blue.
Cut lip of red.
Cut slashes in beard as shown; glue around outside of mouth.
Fold lip and glue along edge of lower mouth over beard.
Cut narrow fringe along one long edge of moustache; fold and glue uncut side around upper mouth with fringe downward.
Glue on eye parts, brow, and eye patch.
For scar, make 1" long stitch, with double thread, on side of face; make smaller stitches across long stitch.
Glue soutache braid around hat; glue hat on head.

Use white paper for basic piece; round off corners.
Use pink paper for mouth.
Cut upper and lower lips of red.
Cut eye centers of deep blue.
Cut outer eyes of paler blue.
Cut lashes and tiny circle for beauty mark of black.
Glue on lips and eyes. Cut fringe along bottom edges of lashes; glue top edges on eyes.
Glue on tan yarn for eyebrows. For hair, glue ten 8" long strands of tan yarn on each side of head.
Glue small ribbon bow in hair.

Use tan paper for basic piece; fringe bottom edge.
Use orange paper for mouth.
Cut jaw, eye mask and inner ears (blue on pattern), and paper around eyes out of white paper.
Cut upper and lower beak, outer eyes, eye centers, and entire head (hood and sides) of black.
Cut large eye section of pale orange.
Cut tongue of red.
Glue end of tongue deep inside mouth.
Glue larger part of beak at upper mouth (pinch at center to shape), and glue smaller part of beak at lower (folding as indicated).
Glue on jaw piece over top edge of lower mouth.
Fringe head parts to simulate feathers and glue in place with eye mask and eye parts.
Glue on inner ears.
For hood feathers, glue on small half-moon shapes of brown paper.

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