Halloween Facts

1. About 2000 years ago the Celts celebrated a holiday called the "Samhain" named after the god of death.  They believed that on the last day of October the dead souls would go back to their former homes.  The scared Celts would leave their homes and go into the fields.  There they would build a large bonfire to scare off the ghosts.  This was the ancestor of our Halloween.
2. The bloodsucking vampire figure first appeared in Hungarian Folklore in the sixteenth century.
3. The first vampire film "Dracula" was made in 1921.  Since then, over 150 films have been made about Dracula.
4. Bram Stoker based the character on a historical character called "Vlad" the impaler.
5. Dracula was written in 1897.
6. In ancient Egypt the dead were preserved and tightly wrapped in cloth.  This process is called mummification.  They believed that this would enable them to live forever.
7. The oldest known mummy was found in the Alps encased in ice.  It was over 5,300 years old!
8. A vampire bat weighing 1 oz. needs a tablespoon of blood a day.
9. The discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922, led to countless "mummy" monster movies.  The first mummy horror film entitled "The Mummy" was released in 1932.