Halloween Ghosts

What is a ghost?
Ghosts are the supposed apparitions of the dead. A ghost is often thought to be the spirit or soul of a person who has remained on earth after death. According to some sources, a ghost may be the personality of a person after their death, and not tied directly to the soul or spirit. Every culture in the world carries stories about ghosts, but they vary across time and place, with disagreements both as to what ghosts are and whether they exist in reality.

True Ghost Stories
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What is a Halloween ghost walk?
A Halloween ghost walk is one where you explore haunted buildings where voices of the past are said to still linger.

Online Halloween ghost walk for the little ones

Can ghosts talk?
Check this out and decide for yourself.

Ghastly ghost crafts
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All About Ghosts
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So, you want to be a ghost hunter. Check out these tips.
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