Sleepy Babies
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1. Pencil
2. Ruler
3. Scissors
4. Tracing paper
5. Sewing needle
6. Dressmaker's carbon paper
7. Large-eyed sewing needle
8. Knitting needle for stuffing

1. Fabric: closely woven cotton fabric in pink and brown, 36" wide, 3/8 yd. for two doll bodies; cotton or synthetic fabric in red and black for back hair, one 5" square for each doll. For each, two 7" x 9" pieces and one 13" x 9" piece of red or white flannel.
2. Red bias tape.
3. Small amount red iron-on fabric.
4. Red ribbon.
5. Sewing threads in colors to match fabrics.
6. Small amount of angora yarn to match hair fabrics.
7. Dacron fiberfill for stuffing.
8. Ballpoint tube paints in black, brown, white, and red.
9. Small snaps.
10. Tiny white buttons.

1. Enlarge patterns by copying on paper ruled in 1" squares; complete half-patterns indicated by long dash lines.
2. Complete and trace actual size face features.
3. When tracing body front, match dot-dash lines of body and leg to make complete pattern.
4. Cut out all pattern pieces on solid lines; dotted and small dash lines indicate placement for gathering or topstitching.
5. Cut one head-back from fabric for hair color desired.
6. Cut one body-back, one body-front, four arms, four ears, and one nose of body fabric in color desired.
7. Place face pattern on head section of body front with carbon paper in between; go over the outlines of features to transfer to fabric.
8. With ballpoint paints, paint face as shown in picture.
9. All stitching is done in matching thread; seams are 1/4 " unless otherwise indicated.
10. Before turning, clip into seam allowance at curves.
11. With right sides facing, place two ear pieces together for each ear; stitch all around, leaving straight edge open; turn right side out.
12. Pleat open edge slightly and baste to right side of head section of body-front where indicated on pattern, with raw edges even.
13. With right sides facing, stitch head-back to body-back at neck seam. With right sides facing, stitch body-front to body-back all around, leaving open at armholes where indicated on pattern.
14. Turn body to right side and stuff legs, body, and head, pushing fiberfill down lightly with knitting needle.
15. Topstitch across legs at dotted line on pattern.
16. With right sides facing, place two arm pieces together for each arm; stitch together all around, leaving opening at upper arm.
17. Turn to right side and stuff hands and lower arms firmly and upper arms loosely.
18. Refold upper arm edge where indicated on pattern, so seams run down center.
19. Turn in raw edges at shoulder on body and insert raw edges of arms 1/4", with folded edges of arms at top and bottom. Thumbs should point to center front of body.
20. Slip-stitch arms to body at front and back, closing openings.
21. Using doubled thread, gather nose 1/8" from edge. Place small amount of stuffing in center and pull up stitches tightly.
22. Overcast raw edges to back of nose; tack in place on face.

1. For red-haired doll, thread large-eyed needle with red yarn and make three rows of thirty-four 1/2" loops along head seam at top from ear to ear.
2. For black-haired doll, use black yarn and make five 1/2 " loops just above each ear; referring to illustration, make three loose stitches on forehead for bangs and about eight 1 1/2" long loops at center top of head.
3. Tie red ribbon bow around topknot.
4. Cut out one sleeper front, placing short dash line of pattern on fold of fabric, and two backs (using complete pattern) of flannel.
5. Stitch a strip of bias tape down center front of wrong side of red suit; sew on four white buttons evenly spaced.
6. Cut snowflake of red iron-on fabric; iron on to center front of white suit.
7. With right sides facing, stitch front to back at shoulders.
8. Make 1/4" hems at bottom sleeve edges.
9. Turn center back edges over to wrong side 1/4", stitch.
10. Fold again along pattern fold line; press.
11. Bind neck edge with bias tape.
12. With right sides facing, place front and back together overlapping back pieces at center; stitch together all around. Turn right side out.
13. Sew on snaps at X's.