Scottish doll
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Materials needed:
1. Cotton: white cotton fabric, 7" x 9"; black 5" square; plaid 3" x 18" for the kilt and 5" x 7" for shoulder.
2. A small piece of black stretch fabric or an old sock.
3. Felt: green, 9" x 12"; tan, 4" x 6" and a scrap of black.
4. Yarn: red, tan and white.
5. Fine chain (from discarded jewelery) 6 1/2" long. Piece from a brass pin or similar object.
6. Scrap of white and black fake fur.
7. Scrap of silver rickrack.
8. Red satin ribbon 1/4" wide x 15" long.
9. White feather.
10. Brown pencil or crayon.

1. Embroider eyes with blue floss.
2. With brown pencil or crayon, mark freckles (optional) on face where indicated on pattern.
3. For hair, cut about 40 strands of red yarn, each about 5" long. Fold each in half and tack at midpoint across back of head to cover. Make a second layer of hair to thicken.
3. Cut about 50 strands of red yarn about 6" long and place across top of head in two layers. Stitch across top of head at one side to secure and to make part.
4. Glue strands onto head at sides and trim strands at front for bangs.

1. Cut one shirt back, cutting straight across top on dotted line (omitting collar) and one shirt front (with collar); slash down center front along half-pattern line.
2. Place back and fronts together; right sides facing.
3. Sew sleeve, underarm and side seams and turn to the right side.
4. Roll back neck edge under and hem.
5. Roll collar edges under; hem.
6. Place shirt on doll and lap front left over right edge. turn raw edge in and stitch down center front.
7. Tie 8" piece of red ribbon around neck and under collar; glue.
8. Tack shirt collar down.

1. Cut two shorts of black cotton; place together with right sides facing and sew together from X to X.
2. Fold along half-pattern line and sew crotch and leg seams.
3. Turn down top edge 1/4" and sew. Turn to right side.
4. Put pants on doll; gather at waist and sew.

1. Fold a piece of plaid fabric in half crosswise, right sides facing and seam ends together; turn to right side.
2. Make 1/2" hem at one edge and 1/4" hem at the other edge which will be the top.
3. Pin and press 1" folds in fabric to make pleats. Put on doll and stitch to shirt around waist.
4. For belt, use watchband or strip of black felt 1/4" wide and long enough to fit around waist with overlap; use watchband buckle to fasten at the waist.

1. Cut one jacket back and two jacket fronts of green felt, without seam allowances.
2. Place fronts and back together and sew top sleeve seam from dash line to end of sleeve underarm and side seams.
3. Turn to other side and put on doll. Fold fronts down on dash line for lapels.

1. Cut a piece of black felt 3/4" wide and wrap around doubled brass chain. Overlap and tack.
2. Glue silver rickrack in back of felt so points show at top. Glue 1/2" x 1" scrap of fake fur to back bottom of felt to hang down.
3. Tack doubled chain to jacket.

Shoulder Plaid:
1. Fold plaid fabric in half lengthwise with right sides facing; stitch all around leaving small opening at center on long edge. Turn to right side, sew opening closed.
2. With scissors' point, make 11 holes across one end of the plaid. For fringe, cut 11 strands of red yarn, each 1 1/2" long.
3. Insert crochet hook through hole, hook yarn at center and pull the hook back out through the hole.
Insert ends of yarn through loop formed. Repeat with all strands.
4. Unravel yarn ends and trim evenly.
5. Place plaid over shoulder and gather at shoulder. Tack.
6. Tack or glue on brass pin at shoulder.

1. Cut two stockings of black stretch fabric.
2. Fold each in half with right sides facing; sew bottom and side edges together. Turn to right side.
3. Put on leg, fold top over for cuff and tack.

1. Cut two sides and two soles.
2. Fold each shoe side in half; whip ends together. Whip a sole to each side piece and turn to right side.
3. Make three holes in each shoe side at center front.
4. Lace tan yarn through three holes and tie around ankles.
5. Slip shoe on each foot and tack around top edge.

1. Cut two tams of green felt (without seam allowance); cut out area marked off in dots on one piece only (bottom).
2. Place tams together and whip outer edges together and turn to the other side.
3. Glue tam on head with feather glued on at side.
4. Fold remaining piece of red ribbon in half and tack to side-back of tam.
5. For pompom, wrap white yarn around a scrap od cardboard about 50 times. Tie loops at one end.
Cut through the loops at the other end and trim ends. Tack to tam.

You can use your imagination to create dolls from other countries. In addition to the dolls here, I made an Inuit doll and an African doll.