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Materials Needed:
1. Cotton fabric: white, 4" x18"; orange, 5" x  10".
2. Woven braid trim in orange/brown/beige, 2/3 yard.
3. Large scrap of leather-like black plastic.
4. Three small black buttons.
5. Narrow black leather watchband with buckle.

1. Embroider eyes with brown floss.
2. For hair, cut about 40 strands of dark brown yarn, each about 5" long.  fold each in half and tack at midpoint across back of head to cover.  Make a second layer of hair to thicken.
3. Cut about 50 strands of brown yarn about 6" long and place across top of head in two layers. Stitch across top of head at one side to secure and to make part.
4. Glue strands onto head at sides and trim strands in front.

1. Cut two boots and two soles of black plastic without seam allowances, but with hem allowance at top edges.
2. Fold each boot in half along half-pattern line with right sides out.
3. Overcast the edges of each boot together, from top of leg to bottom of toe.
4. Sew sole around bottom of each boot piece.
5. Pull boot on each foot; turn top edge in.
6. Insert bottom edges of pants inside boot and glue, making sure pants balloon out like jodhpurs.

1. Cut two pants of orange cotton; place together with right sides facing and sew together from X to X.
2. Fold along half-pattern line and sew crotch and leg seams.
3. Turn down top edge 1/4" and sew.  Turn to right side.
4. Put pants on doll; gather at waist and sew.

1. Cut two shirts of white cotton; place together, right sides facing.
2. Sew side of neck, shoulder, underarm and side seams.
3. Slash down center back.  Turn to right side.
4. Hem neck, sleeve and bottom edges.  Place on doll.
5. Gather sleeve ends to fit.
6. Lap one back edge over the other and tack down center back.
7. Glue braid around bottom and sleeves, then around neck edge and down side front (see picture).
8. Glue buttons at side front.
9. Buckle watchband around waist.

You can use your imagination to create dolls from other countries. In addition to the dolls here, I made an Inuit doll and an African doll.