Jack doll
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1. Brown and pink embroidery floss
2. Dark brown yarn
3. Small amounts of cotton fabric: red, blue-and-white checked gingham
4. White stretch fabric
5. Scraps of red, yellow, and blue felt
6. Four tiny white buttons
7. Narrow blue ribbon 14" long
8. Small red pompon from ball fringe

1. Embroider brown eyes and eyebrows and pink mouth.
2. For hair, fold about 40 5" strands of brown yarn in half and tack at midpoint across back of head to cover; make second layer to thicken.
3. Place about 50 6" strands of yarn across top of head in two layers; stitch across at one side. Glue down strands at sides; trim in front.

1. For gingham shirt, cut one back and two fronts.
2. Sew at shoulders and sides.
3. Hem sleeves, collar, and front edges.
4. Sew buttons at X's.

1. Cut two pants of red cotton.
2. Sew together from A to B and B to C, both front and back.
3. Hem edges; sew on 1" red square for pocket.
4. Fold square gingham handkerchief in pocket.
5. Tack straps together at shoulders; sew on buttons.
6. Gather back waist to fit (dotted line on pattern).

1. Cut socks of stretch fabric.
2. Fold in half; sew sides and bottom together.
3. Turn top edge under; tack to leg.

1. For each shoe, cut sole, upper, and strap of blue felt.
2. Fold upper in half; whip ends together and upper to sole.
3. Fold center flap of upper shoe under; tack.
4. Insert strap to fold; tack ends to sides.

1. For cap, cut five pieces and two visors of red felt.
2. Whip the five pieces together from D to E to form crown.
3. Whip the two visors together along curved edges.
4. Sew visor under crown edge.
5. Tack on pompon.
6. Stuff cap lightly with cotton and tack to head, gathering edges slightly.

1. For pail, cut,bottom, side, and strip for handle 1/4" x 2" of yellow felt.
2. Whip pail together at sides and to bottom; tack on handles.
3. Glue pail to hand.