Irish doll
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Materials Needed:
1. Cotton fabric: white, 7" x 14"; brown, 2 3/4" x 14"; green, 3" x 12"; plaid, 2 1/2" x 6 3/4". 2. Small piece of white stretch fabric, or old sock.
3. Black felt, 5" x 6".
4. Black (scrap) yarn.
5. Red soutache braid 9" long.

1. Embroider eyes with green floss.
2. Embroider red mouth in satin stitch.
3. For hair, cut 70 strands of red yarn, each about 11" long. Arrange in two layers and place across head, centering yarnstrands at center top of head.
4. Stitch across yarn centers to secure yarn and to form a center part.
5. Drape yarn over back of head to cover and glue.
6. Stitch yarn at each side of head with thread.

1. Cut two panties of white fabric; place together with right sides facing and sew together from X to X.
2. Fold along half-pattern line and sew crotch.
3. Turn under top and bottom edges 1/4" and sew.
4. Turn to right side. Slip panties on doll; gather top edge with thread to fit waist; knot thread and sew.

1. Cut blouse-slip piece of white fabric.
2. Fold in half along top edge, with right sides facing; sew side and underarm seams. Slash down half-pattern line at center back only. Turn to right side.
3. Hem neck, sleeve and bottom edges.
4. Place blouse-slip on doll; turn raw edges of back inside so blouse fits smoothly and sew back opening closed.
5. Gather sleeves close to edge for ruffles.

1. Fold green fabric in half crosswise with right sides facing; sew ends together.
2. Hem remaining edges; do the same with the brown fabric for the top skirt, making 3/4" hem at one edge (bottom). Turn both pieces to the right side.
3. Place underskirt inside top skirt; put on doll and gather both together to fit waist. Knot thread.

1. Cut belt of black felt.
2. Make two holes on each end where indicated on pattern.
3. Place around waist and lace braid through holes.

1. Make self fringe on plaid fabric by pulling out cross threads on all edges for 1/2".
2. Fold one long edge over about one quarter.
3. Wrap shawl around neck and tack.

1. Cut two stockings of white stretch fabric.
2. Fold each in half with right sides facing; sew bottom and side edges together. Turn to right side.
3. Put on leg and turn the top edge in and tack around leg.

1. Cut two sides and two soles.
2. Fold each shoe side in half; whip ends together. Whip a sole to each side piece and turn to right side.
3. Make two small holes in each shoe side at center front. Lace black yarn through holes and tie bow.
4. Slip shoe on each foot and tack around top edge.

You can use your imagination to create dolls from other countries. In addition to the dolls here, I made an Inuit doll and an African doll. My grandchildren made the dolls out of felt which they glued together. Here are their creations.