Little Boy Blue doll
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1. Brown, blue, pink, and tan embroidery floss
2. Yarn: yellow-gold; scrap of blue
3. Cotton fabric: scraps of blue, white, red-and-white checked gingham; scraps of black and white stripe and red and white polka dot
4. Yellow and blue felt
5. White braid, 1/2 yd.
6. Two small hooks and eyes

1. Embroider blue eyes, brown eyebrows, pink mouth, and tan freckles (with French knots).
2. For hair, fold about 40 5" strands of brown yarn in half and tack at midpoint across back of head to cover; make second layer to thicken.
3. Place about 50 6" strands of yarn across top of head in two layers; stitch across at one side. Glue down strands at sides; trim in front.

1. Cut one front and two backs of white cotton.
2. Sew shoulder and side seams.
3. Hem sleeve, neck, and collar edge.
4. Place shirt on doll; overlap edges and sew closed.

1. Cut two blue overalls.
2. Fold each at dash line and sew front and back center seams (A to B).
3. Then sew underleg-crotch (C to B to C).
4. Hem all edges.
5. Topstitch with double strand of white thread as shown in picture.
6. For pocket, sew 1 1/2" square of blue cotton fabric to pants.
7. For handkerchief, fold scrap of polka dot fabric into pocket.
8. For striped patch, sew on l1" ragged square.
9. For straps, cut two pieces 1" x 5 1/2". Hem edges and topstitch.
10. Sew straps to pants at X on pattern. Cross straps in back and fasten to front with hooks and eyes.
11. Gather waist in back at dotted line to fit.

1. Cut red-and-white checked scarf; hem edges and tie on.

1. For shoes, cut upper and sole (use Jack's sole pattern) of blue felt.
2. Whip ends of upper together, then upper to sole.
3. Slash shoe and make holes where indicated.
4. Lace blue yarn through holes for shoelace; tie bow.

1. For hat, cut of yellow felt.
2. Whip long sides together.
3. Stuff lightly with cotton; glue on head.
4. Glue on white braid hatband and knot ends.

1. Cut yellow felt horn.
2. Whip long sides together.
3. Stuff lightly with cotton.
4. For horn handle, cut strip of yellow felt 1/4 " x 3"; glue around wrist; glue horn to handle.