Balkan doll
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Materials Needed:
1. Cotton fabric: white 9" x 15"; red, 5 1/2" x 10"; gold, 3" x 16"; blue, 1 1/2" x 23" long.
2. Small piece of white stretch fabric or old sock.
3. Black felt, 4" x 6".
4. Baby rickrack: 1 yard gold, scrap of black.
5. Part of discarded chain necklace.

1. Use red floss for mouth: make line across mouth in outline stitch. Fill lips with satin stitch.
2. Use blue for eyes.
3. For hair, cut 75 strands of gold yarn, each 4" long. Arrange in two layers and place over top of head slightly over front and about 2" down back.
4. Stitch across strands to secure, making center part.
5. Pull strands down at sides, tuck in ends and tack securely.
6. For braid, use 18 strands of yarn, 20" long and divide into three parts and braid for 8".
7. Sew braid ends so braid will not come apart.
8. Tack braid to top of head, tucking ends into hair.

1. Cut two panties of white fabric; place together with right sides facing and sew together from X to X.
2. Fold along half-pattern line and sew crotch.
3. Turn under top and bottom edges 1/4" and sew.
4. Turn to right side. Slip panties on doll; gather top edge with thread to fit waist; knot thread and sew.

1. Cut white cotton fabric, 3" x 15"; fold in half crosswise with right sides facing.
2. Seam short ends together and turn to right side.
3. Make 1/4" hem at one edge (top); make 1/2" hem at other edge.
4. Put on doll and gather to fit waist.

1. Make skirt of gold fabric, 3" x 16" as for petticoat, but do not hem top edge.
2. Cut dress bodice, all in one piece, of white cotton.
3. Slash down center back and cut out shaded area for neck opening.
4. Fold in half on shoulder line, right sides together and sew underarm and side seams.
5. Hem neck and sleeve edges.
6. Gather top edge of skirt to fit bottom of bodice and sew. Put on doll.
7. Lap one back edge over the other and sew back opening closed.
8. Gather sleeves close to edge to make ruffles.
9. For necklace, tack chain around neck.

1. Cut bolero out of red fabric in one piece.
2. Fold front halves over at dash line with right sides facing.
3. Sew underarm seams from X to X. Turn to right side.
4. Hem all edges.
5. Glue gold rickrack around neck, front and sleeve edges.
6. Put on doll and glue at top.

1. Cut apron of red fabric.
2. Glue on two rows of fold rickrack, with row of black between (see picture).
3. Hem side edges and make 1/2" hem at bottom.
4. Gather top edge slightly.
5. For apron tie, use blue fabric 1 1/2" x 23".
6. Press 1/4" in all around to wrong side ; then fold tie in half lengthwise.
7. Insert top edge of apron between folds at center of tie and stitch across entire length of tie and ends.

1. Cut two stockings of white stretch fabric.
2. Fold each in half with right sides facing; sew bottom and side edges together. Turn to right side.
3. Put on leg and turn the top edge in and tack around leg.

1. Cut two sides and two soles.
2. Fold each shoe side in half; whip ends together. Whip a sole to each side piece and turn to right side.
3. Slip shoe on each foot and tack around top edge.

You can use your imagination to create dolls from other countries. In addition to the dolls here, I made an Inuit doll and an African doll.