They are 10" high
Picture here
Pattern for dolls here
Pattern for clothes here

Paper for patterns
Hard-lead pencil
Dressmaker's tracing (carbon) paper
Straight pins
Sewing and embroidery needles

For each doll, pink cotton fabric (tan for Indian boy, if desired), 36" wide, 3/8 yard
Sewing thread to match all fabrics and felt
Polyester fiberfill for stuffing
Six-strand embroidery floss for features: brown, black, red, pink, and blue
Knitting worsted yarn: yellow, gold, and black for hair
Sobo glue
See individual directions for additional materials

General Directions:
Enlarge patterns by copying on paper ruled in 1" squares; complete half and quarter patterns indicated by long dash lines.
Heavy lines indicate cutting lines, fine lines indicate embroidery.
Add 1/4" seam allowance all around pieces when cutting out fabric, but not felt.
With right sides facing, sew pieces together, making 1/4" seams, unless otherwise indicated.

To Make Doll:
For each, cut two bodies and four legs from pink (or tan) cotton.
With carbon between pattern and right side of fabric, transfer features to right side of one doll's head.
Embroider features with two strands of floss. Use satin stitch for pupils and outline stitch for all other features.
For Indian, make pupils, eyes, and brows black, nose brown, mouth pink.
For Pilgrims, use blue for pupils, red or pink for mouths, and brown for the rest.
Rouge cheeks.
Place two body pieces together; sew, leaving bottom open.
Clip into seam allowances at curves; turn right side out.
Sew pair of legs together for each, leaving top end open.
Stuff legs and body.
Fold raw edges of body under 1/4" and whip closed; whip legs to body with seams at center front and center back.

To Make Hair:
Cut about 50 strands of yellow, tan, or black yarn, each 11" long.
Arrange strands in two layers across head to cover top and back.
Sew in place from front to back, forming part. Glue some hair strands to sides and back of head.
Trim hair to shoulder length for girl; cut unevenly, with bangs, for boy; tie at ear level on sides for Indian.

Black cotton fabric 18" x 9"
Scraps of white and black felt, black vinyl and white cotton knit
Three buttons, each 1/4" diameter

Cut two stockings from white knit, cutting along inner line at top; fold in half lengthwise.
Sew seams, leaving top open.
Turn to right side; slip onto legs.
Turn raw edges in and sew to leg with seams at back.

1. Cut two breeches from black fabric.
Sew center front and back seams; sew crotch and inner leg seams.
Turn raw edges of waist under 1/4".
Make a running stitch along folded edge. Put pants on doll and pull thread to gather at waist.
Gather legs of pants in same manner; sew to stocking at top edge; adjust so pants hang loosely over gathering.

Cut one jacket from black fabric.
Fold jacket at shoulders, right sides inward; sew underarm and side seams.
Slit center front of jacket.
Hem all raw edges 1/4".
Turn right side out.
Cut collar and cuffs from white felt; cut on outer line for cuff.
Topstitch cuffs to sleeves at wrist, having points of cuffs at outer sides.
Put jacket on doll, overlapping front edges.
Sew buttons, evenly spaced, down overlapped jacket edge.
Tack collar to neck of jacket, above buttons.

Cut two upper shoes and two soles from black felt; cut along outer line for upper shoe.
Whip ends of each upper shoe together in back.
Whip soles to bottom of upper shoes.
Glue shoes to feet.
Cut two buckles from white felt; glue to shoe.

Cut two buckles from vinyl; glue together, wrong sides facing.
Cut belt 9" x 1/2" from vinyl.
Loop one end through buckle center.
Put around waist; overlap and glue.

For rim, cut two circles from black felt, each 5 3/4" in diameter.
Cut out a 2 3/8" circle in the center of each; save one for top of hat.
Cut one hat crown from black felt.
Whip sides of crown together; whip top of hat in place, trimming to fit.
Turn to other side. Stitch two rims together along outside edge; turn; press.
Stitch rim to hat base on inside.
Using pattern, cut another hat crown, slightly longer, from cardboard.
Overlap ends and glue.
Slip into hat.
Cut hat trim from vinyl 9" x 3/4 "; glue around base of crown.

Gray flannel 29" x 6"
White cotton 36" wide, 1/8 yard
Scraps of black and white felt
Small scraps of white cotton knit
White ribbon 3/8" wide, 14" long

Stockings and Shoes:
Make stockings and shoes following directions for boy; cut along outer line for top edge of stocking and inner line for upper shoe

Cut two panties from white cotton.
Sew together in same manner as for boy's breeches.
Panties do not hang loosely over gathering at legs.

Cut 18" x 31/2" rectangle from white cotton.
Stitch sides together.
Hem bottom 1/4".
Put on doll; gather at waist.

Cut one bodice and a 20" x 4 1/2" rectangle for skirt from gray flannel.
Fold bodice at shoulders, right side inward; sew underarm and side seams.
Slit bodice in back.
Sew 4 1/2" skirt sides together.
Gather skirt at waist.
Pin and stitch bodice to gathered skirt, matching skirt seam and bodice slit in back.
Turn under and hem all raw edges.
Cut cuffs and collar from white felt; cut along inner line for cuff.
Topstitch cuffs to sleeves at wrist, having points of cuffs inside.
Put dress on doll and whip back opening closed.
Tack collar around neckline in front.

Cut 6" x 3" rectangle and 20" x 1" tie from white cotton fabric.
Gather one 6" edge to measure 3".
Hem raw edges on remaining three sides.
Fold tie in half lengthwise; fold long raw edges in; press.
Insert gathered top of apron into center of tie.
Sew in place and continue to sew edges of tie together at each side.

Cut bonnet from white felt.
Match A's and C's and stitch, making 1/8" seam.
Fold bonnet in half and stitch from B to B, making 1/8" seam.
Gather bonnet slightly along dots.
Turn to right side.
Cut white ribbon in half.
Fold front of bonnet back 3/4" and tack an end of ribbon to each side of bonnet at fold.
Tack bonnet to head at top.

Scraps of tan, turquoise, orange, and pale orange felt
Six-strand embroidery floss: orange, white and turquoise
Pony beads in assorted colors, about 125
Two small feathers

1. Using three strands of brown embroidery floss, make a few satin stitches for navel.

Cut four leggings from tan felt; do not fringe yet.
Sew center front and back seams together, then crotch and leg seams, making 1/8" seams.
Turn to right side.
Sew side seams 1/2" from edge.
Fringe sides of leggings.
Put on doll; gather at waist.

Cut one loincloth from orange felt; do not fringe.
Using two strands of floss, make a running stitch with red floss above fringe line.
Make outline stitch above running stitch in turquoise.
Above this, make a running stitch with white.
Embroider white outline stitch across top of loincloth, joining it to front of leggings.
Fringe bottom of loincloth.

Cut vest from pale orange felt.
Sew sides together with 1/8" seams.
Using two strands of floss, make orange running stitches around armholes and vest edges.
Make row of turquoise running stitches around vest edges 1/8" from orange stitches.

Cut two moccasins and two tongues from tan felt; do not fringe.
Using two strands of white embroidery floss, outline stitch all the way around edge of tongue.
Stitch back of moccasin together.
With two strands of orange floss, topstitch tongue in place.
Using full six strands of floss in needle, make running stitch along fringe line from center front of moccasin all the way around; leave ends for tying.
Slip foot into moccasin and gather slightly; tie orange floss into bow.
Fringe sides and back of moccasins.

Bead Necklace:
Knot 5" length of doubled white sewing thread at one end; thread other end through needle.
Bring needle through neck at shoulder; string on 35 beads.
Tack at other shoulder.
String another set of beads in the same manner, using remaining beads and 10" length of string; bring second end of necklace all the way around neck to same shoulder; tack.

Hair Trims:
Cut two turquoise felt strips, each 1 5/8" x 3/8".
Wrap around hair at ear level; whip to secure.
Wrap white thread around felt a couple of times; knot.
Cut 9 1/2" x 1/2" strip from pale orange felt. Using two strands of floss in needle, make a row of turquoise outline stitching down center.
Make orange running stitches on either side of outline stitch.
Place band around head and whip ends together.
Whip two small feathers in back of band.

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