Snowman and Snowbabies
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Giant: 15 1/2" tall, plus hat
Ma & Pa: 7 1/2" tall, plus hats
Baby: 4 1/2" tall

Materials Needed:
Basic Figures:
1. Low-loft 100% polyester batting, sheet measuring at least 45" X 60"
2. Instant coffee.
3. Water
4. Styrofoam balls: two 2" diameter and one each 1 1/2" and 5" diameter
5. Styrofoam eggs: one each 3" and 61/2" long
6. Oatmeal box, 42 oz. size
7. Toilet paper roll
8. Nylon-reinforced 3/4" packaging tape
9. Ecru sewing thread
10. Fiberfill
11. Tacky glue. Trim: Dark gray

1. Dark grey six-strand embroidery floss.
2. Two round wooden toothpicks
3. Dowel, 1/4" diameter, 2" piece
4. Burnt sienna acrylic paint
5. Five clean, flat black stones, 3/4" across
6. Whole cloves, 21
7. Six whole allspice
8. Black cotton flannel 44" wide, 1/4 yard
9. Assorted loosely woven wool strips for scarves: 3 1/2" x 35", 1" x 16", 1" x 14", 3/4" x 12"
10. Child's long taupe sock
11. Scraps of rust wool and teal and wine 1/16" satin ribbon
12. Thin cardboard
13. Jute twine, 2 1/2 yards
14. Artifcial or natural trims: twigs, greenery, and tiny pine cones
15. Pink crayon

1. Measuring cups & spoons
2. Small pan
3. Spray bottle
4. Xacto knife with extra blades
5. Serrated knife
6. Small paintbrush
7. Fine sandpaper

General Directions:
1. Dissolve 6 tablespoons of instant coffee in one cup of boiling water; let cool.
2. Pour coffee into spray bottle. Spray one side of batting completely to "antique" it.
3. Let batting dry thoroughly.
4. Enlarge brim patterns.
5. For each body, cut rectangle from batting in size directed below.
6. Fold piece in half crosswise and wrap smoothly around core as directed; whip-stitch ends together at back.
7. Insert fiberfill between batting and core to fill out body. If desired, cut batting circle to fit over bottom of core; glue in place.
8. For each head, cut circle from batting in size as directed.
9. Make slits in batting and overlap cut edges at sides and back of head for smooth fit, gathering together excess at bottom.
10. Glue batting in place; let dry.
11. Wrap thread around "neck." Place head on body, stuffing in excess batting.
12. Slip-stitch head to body.
13. For arms, (except for Ma), cut two rectangles from batting and fold in half crosswise; fold in half again in opposite direction.
14. Stitch long edges and one end together in 1/4" seam.
15. Turn arm right side out and slip-stitch opening closed.
16. Cut vertical slits in both sides of body's batting to fit end of arm. Insert arms in slits; glue to core and slip-stitch to batting.
17. Add faces and buttons as individually directed.
18. When adding cloves, dip stems into glue then insert through batting into core.
19. For scarves, fringe ends of wool strips; wrap around necks.
20. Make hats, glue to heads as shown.
21. Sew twigs and greenery to arms as desired.

1. Read general directions
2. In top open end of oatmeal box, cut 11 vertical slits, 2" deep and 1 1/2" apart. Fold in and overlap tabs for neck; wrap securely with packaging tape.
3. From batting, cut 24" x 30" body, 18" diameter head, and 12" X 15" arms.
4. Make body as directed above, using oatmeal box for body core and 5" foam ball for head.
5. Glue stone eyes and buttons in place as shown.
6. Sand one end of dowel, rounding off for nose. Sharpen other end to a point with knife or pencil sharpener.
7. Paint dowel with burnt sienna; let dry.
8. Dip pointed end of dowel in glue and insert into face, leaving 1 1/2" for nose.
9. Stuff head and body firmly.
10. Glue on 11 cloves for curving mouth.
11. Make scarf with 35" wool strip.

1. From black flannel, cut two A brims and one, 4 1/4" X 7 1/2" crown, omitting seam allowance from all pieces.
2.From cardboard, cut one A brim. Fold crown in half crosswise, wrong side out.
3. Stitch sides together in 1/4" seams leaving end opposite fold open; turn crown right side out.
4. Glue a flannel brim to each side of cardboard brim; let dry.
5. Stuff crown lightly and insert open end for 1/2" into brim; whip-stitch in place.
6. Cut 2 1/8 yards of twine and fold into quarters.
7. Knot folded piece around base of crown.

1. Read general directions.
2. Using serrated knife, trim 6 1/2" styrofoam egg for body core.
3. Cut off 2" from wide end so body can stand; cut off 1/2" from narrow end and hollow out top slightly.
4. From batting, cut 11" X 13" body and 6" diameter head.
5. For body, cover and stuff trimmed egg.
6. Define waist, wrapping and pulling doubled ecru thread tightly around middle of body a few times; knot ends at back; trim.
7. For elbows, take small, tight stitches through upper half of body about 1" from each side.
8. For head, cover 2" foam ball with circle and cut slits; do not glue.
9. With pencil, mark placement for mouth on batting.
10. Remove batting from head and with six strands of grey floss outline-stitch mouth.
11. Replace batting on ball, glue in place.
12. Attach head to body.
13. For nose, paint a toothpick with burnt sienna; let dry.
14. Dip one end in glue and insert into face, leaving 5/8" nose.
15. Add clove eyes.
16. Glue on three allspice buttons.
17. Make scarf with 16" wool strip.

1. Cut two 4 1/4 " diameter circles from rust wool.
2. Lay pieces together, right sides out and edges matching. Make small running stitches through both layers 3/4" from the edge; do not end thread.
3. Pull up gathers slightly to form hat crown; test-fit on head, then end off.
4. Glue brim layers together beyond gathering; let dry
5. Stuff hat crown lightly.
6. Tie 5" piece of twine in bow and tack to side of hat.
7. Glue two pinecombs below bow.

1. Read general directions.
2. From batting, cut 9" X 10" body, 5 1/2" in diameter head, and 6" x 7" arms.
3. Make body and arms as directed above, using a toilet paper roll for the core.
4. Make head and face as for Ma, chain-stitching mouth.
5. Add three allspice buttons.
6. Make scarf with 14" wool strip.

1. Cut two brims B and one 2 1/2" X 4 1/2" crown as for Giant.
2. Assemble hat in same manner, omitting cardboard.
3. Knot 8" piece of twine around base of crown.

1. Read general directions.
2. Trim 1/2" off each end of 3" egg; hollow out narrow end for top.
3. From batting, cut 6" X 7" body, 5" diameter head, and 2 1/2" X 4 1/2" arms.
4. Make body as directed above, using trimmed egg for body and 1 1/2" ball for head.
5. Press cloves into head for eyes and mouth; "rouge" cheeks with crayon.
6. Add three clove buttons.
7. Make scarf with 12" wool strip.

1. Cut away ribbing and foot from taupe sock, leaving tubular leg section about 3" deep.
2. Pull hat tube over head as shown, allowing bottom edge to roll up.
3. Tie 5" lengths of teal and wine ribbons around hat 3/8" below top edge; insert tiny twigs.

1. Cut two 1 1/2" square pieces from foot of sock.
2. Fold each in half and stitch sides together in 1/4" seams, leaving end opposite fold open.
3. Turn right side out and slip mittens over hands.
4. Wrap and knot 3" pieces of teal ribbon around wrists.