Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Elf
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Dolls are between 5 -7 1/2" including hats
Pattern can be found here

Materials Needed for Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elves:
1. Felt in 9" X 12" sheets: two flesh and one each red, green, and black
2. Peach crayon
3. Fiberfill
4. 13 pipe cleaners 6" long
5. Scraps of red and royal blue six-strand embroidery floss
6. Fabrics 44" wide: 1/8 yard each green and red broadcloth, green/white gingham, green/white pindot, and red corduroy
7. 1/4 yard red/white gingham.
8. Satin ribbon: 3/8" wide: 1/2 yard white, 1/4yard black
9. Satin ribbon: 1/8" wide: one yard each of red and green
10. 1 3/4 yards flat white lace 1/2" wide
11. Matching sewing threads
12. White pompons: one 1" diameter, sixty-six 3/8" diameter
13. 7 yards white sport-weight yarn
14. Three-ply Persian yarn: six yards each yellow and black
15. Gold button 3/8" square
16. Twelve white sew-on pearls, 1/8" diameter

1. Sharp pencil
2. Ruler
3. Scissors
4. Paper or tracing paper
5. Sewing Machine
6. Sewing and embroidery needles
7. Compass
8. Iron

1. To enlarge pattern, make a grid where each square is 1/2".
2. A and B patterns are for Santa and Mrs. Claus and C are for the elves.
3. Cut bodies and clothes for each doll adding 1/4" seam allowance to fabric pieces and omitting seam allowance from felt pieces.
4. Clothes are sewn to bodies during assembly; finished dolls cannot be dressed and undressed.

1. From flesh felt, cut four A/B bodies and B legs, eight A/B arms (trim 1/8" from top of four arms for Mrs. Claus, 12 C bodies, and 24 C arms.
2. From black felt, cut four A legs.
3. Cut 12 C legs each from red and green felt.
4. Arrange pieces into sets for Santa and Mrs. Claus and six elves.
5. For each arm, topstitch two layers together 1/16" from edges leaving top open.
6. Insert pipe cleaner into arm and trim, leaving 3/8" protruding at top.
7. Place bodies together, right sides out; insert top 1/4" of arms between bodies.
8. Topstitch bodies together as for arms, catching in arms and leaving bottom open.
9. Stuff head and body firmly.
10. Make and attach legs as for arms (with elves'toes pointmg out), closing body.
11. For each doll, embroider face through all layers, using three strands floss and pulling stitches tightly to indent features: Satin-stitch blue eyes for all and red mouths for Clauses; backstitch red mouths for elves.
12. "Rouge" cheeks with crayon.

1. Use A pattern for clothes
2. From red corduroy cut one jacket back and hat.
3. Stitch pants together at center front and back; stitch inseam. Press waist and cuff edges 1/4' to wrong side.
4. Make small gathering stitches around each pressed edge; do not end threads.
5. Put Pants On Santa. Puff up gathers snugly, then knot and trim thread ends.
6. Stitch jacket fronts to back at shoulder.
7. Set in sleeves, matching notches.
8. Stitch sleeve and side seams.
9. Hem all raw edges, turning 1/4"once.
10. Fit jacket on doll, overlapping fronts; Slip stitch closed.
11. Stitch straight edges of hat together in a 1/4" seam.
12. Hem bottom edge, turning 1/4" once.
13. Turn hat right side out and slipstitch bottom edge onto Santa's head
14. For beard, wrap white yarn around short side of 2 1/2" X 6" cardboard 15 times. Cut yarn end, then slip loops off cardboard. Tie snugly at center, forming 1 1/4 loops to each side. Clip loops and fold in middle so all ends are to one side and gathering tie is at top.
15. Make two more "tassels" in the same manner.
16. Tack tassels to face for beard. Trim beard so it is shorter at sides.
17. Tack 1" pompom to hat tip. Tack sixty 3/8" pompoms around edges of cap, jacket, and pants as shown.
18. For belt, wrap black ribbon around waist, overlapping and tacking ends in front; trim top end diagonally.
19. Sew gold button onto belt for buckle.

Mrs. Claus:
1. For shoes, using one strand of black yarn, overcast edge of feet with 1/8 inch-long stitches. Fill in back of foot with satin stitches.
2. Add straight-stitch ankle straps.
3. Use B patterns for clothes.
4. From green pindot, cut one bodice front and 4 1/4" x 16 1/2" skirt.
5. Cut two sleeves and bodice backs.
6. From red/white gingham, cut one apron and bib.
7. Cut two pantalets.
8. Make and attach pantalets as for Santa's pants, leaving cuffs straight and finishing with lace.
9. Stitch bodice front to backs at shoulders.
10. Press neck edge 1/4" to wrong side and attach narrow lace for collar.
11. Finish wrist edges with lace.
12. Set in sleeves, matching notches.
13. Stitch side and sleeve seams.
14. Stitch short edges of skirt together in 1/4" seam leaving 1" open at top. Press one raw edge edge (bottom) to wrong side 1/4" then 1"; zigzaging in place.
15. Baste 1/4" from waist edge; pull up gathers to fit bodice. Baste skirt to bodice, matching back edges and adjusting gathers.
16. Stitch together in 1/4" seam. Press back edges 1/4" to wrong side.
17. Put dress on doll, overlap back edges. and slip-stitch closed.
18. Gather wrists 1/2" from lace; tack in place.
19. Press curved edge of apron 1/4" to wrong side; finish with lace.
20. Baste 1/4" from straight edge of apron; gather to 2 1/4" and secure thread ends.
21. Press bib in half crosswise, right side out.
22. For strap, cut two 2 1/4" pieces of lace.
23. Lay straps along each slanted edge of bib, overlapping 1/4" and matching lace at one end to raw edges.
24. With right sides up, center apron over bottom edge of bib, overlapping 1/4" ; topstitch in place.
25. Trim ribbon ends diagonally.
26. Fit apron on doll; tack lace ends in a V to back of dress for straps.
27. Tie ribbon bow.
28. For hair, cut thirty 9" strands of white yarn; bundle together with ends even. Center bundle horizontally over head.
29. With one strand of yarn, backstitch center part from forehead to nape. Gather strands on each side of head, covering scalp; tack in place near "ears."
30. Pull ends to top of head and bundle together tightly; trim ends to 1/2" and fluff into puff.

1. Use C patterns for clothes.
2. From red and green felt, cut three hats each.
3. From red and green ginghams, cut three shirt fronts and six sleeves and shirt backs each.
4. From red and green broadcloth, cut six shorts and three 3/4" x 3 1/4" waistbands each.
5. Make shirts as for dress bodice, omitting lace from sleeves.
6. Press in back edges 1/4".
7. Put shirts on dolls, matching gingham color to legs and overlapping edges; slip stitch closed.
8. Gather sleeves at wrist; pull up to fit and tack in place.
9. Stitch shorts together in pairs at center front; stitch center back, leaving top 3/4" open.
10. Stitch inseam.
11. Press in raw back edges 1/4" from waist edge to measure 2 3/4" around; secure thread ends.
12. Press ends of waistband 1/4" to wrong side. Stitch waistband to shorts. 13. Press waistband up over seam, then to inside of shorts, so waistband is about 1/4" deep; Slip-stitch inner edge.
14. Sew two pearls to waistband front as shown.
15. For suspenders, cut two 3" pieces of matching 1/8" ribbon. Tack one end of each piece to front waist.
16. Put shorts on doll, contrasting color to shirt.
17. Bring suspenders over shoulders and under lace collar; cross in back; tack ends to inside of waistband.
18. Slip-stitch back closed.
19. Matching suspenders, tie 4" piece of 1/8" ribbon into bow; tack to collar front.
20. Trim ribbon ends diagonally.
21. Fold hat in half lengthwise; stitch close to long straight edges.
22. Glue small pompon to tip of hat. Lightly stuff hat.
23. Matching leg color, stitch bottom of hat to back of head.
24. For hair, wrap yellow or black yarn around short side of 1" X 5" piece cardboard three times. Cut yarn end, then slip loops off cardboard.
25. Tie loops at center, forming 1/2" loops to each side.
26. Position curl on face below hat and tack in place at tied center, going over loops and into head with each stitch.
27. Cover each doll's head with seven curls in same manner.