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You will need:
1. 3/8 yard light brown velour-type fabric, 45 inches wide
2. Felt: medium brown, dark brown, pink and red
3. Two black 1/4 inch pom-poms
4. Scrap of red print fabric
5. Eight white 1/4 inch buttons
6. 5/8 yard taffeta plaid ribbon, 5/8 in. wide
7. Craft glue
8. Sewing thread to match fabrics
9. Heavy duty light brown sewing thread
10. Fiberfill

Miscellaneous items:
Pencil, ruler, scissors, carbon paper, ball-point pen, sewing machine, sewing needle, compass

1. Enlarge patterns by copying on paper ruled in 1 inch squares.
2. Using dressmaker's carbon and dry ball-point pen, mark two bodies, two heads, and four ears on wrong side of fabric, referring to arrows on pattern for placement on nap and reversing pattern each second and fourth piece.
3. Mark four antlers on medium brown felt.
4. Mark two hearts on red fabric.
5. Cut out all pieces 1/4" beyond marked lines.
6. Using scissors, carefully cut a slit in each side of head, where indicated by fine dash line on pattern.
7. On one body (front), sew buttons 1/4" apart down center, first one l 1/4" below neck edge.
8. Stitch body front and back together with right sides facing, raw edges even, and making 1/4" seam; leave neck edge open.
9. Turn to right side; stuff firmly, using eraser end of pencil to reach into arms and legs.
10. Wrap heavy-duty thread around arms where shown to form wrists; tie off.
11. Stitch head sides together along curved edge with 1/4" seam; leave neck edge open; turn to right side.
12. Stuff head firmly.
13. Gather neck edge of body to fit neck edge of head
14. Using heavy-duty thread, slip stitch head to neck with head seam centered.
15. Stitch ears together in pairs with 1/4" seam, leaving bottom straight edges open.
16. Turn to right side. Pinch base forward as shown, to fit into slit opening; glue in place.
17. Stitch antlers together in pairs with 1/4" seam, leaving bottom straight edges open.
18. Turn to right side; stuff firmly; turn raw edges under 1/4"; slipstitch closed.
19. Using peavy-duty thread, stitch antlers to head, 1" behind ears.
20. Glue on black pompon eyes.
21. Using compass, mark 1/4" diameter circle on red felt for mouth, 1" circle on brown felt for nose, and two 7/8" circles on pink for cheeks.
22. Cut out on marked lines. Glue on mouth and cheeks.
23. Baste nose close to edge; gather to form "pouch" and stuff with fiberfill; slip-stitch to face.
24. Stitch hearts together with 1/4" seam, leaving opening; turn to right side. Stuff; turn raw edges under 1/4"; slipstitch closed.
25. Tack heart to body as shown.
26. Tie ribbon in bow around neck.
27. Tack left arm to side.

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