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Horse with cart is about 18" high

Special Equipment:
Sewing machine needles, size 16
Fine, curved upholsterer's needle
Leather needle
Tailor's chalk
Flexible ruler
Clip-type clothespins
Handsaw or jigsaw
Fine sandpaper
Tack cloth
Drill with 3/32" and 1/4" bits

Wool coating fabrics 60" wide: 1/4 yard dark green; 3/8 yard dark red; scrap of dark old gold
Matching sewing threads
Black button-and-carpet thread
Fiberfill. Dowel 7/8" in diameter, 36" length
Clear pine 5/8" x 5 3/4" X 21"
Dark wood stain, such as walnut
Eight 1/8" wood screws: four 7/8" long and four 1 1/2" long
Four 5/16" metal washers
Four six-spoke metal wheels 2 1/2" in diameter
Four 5/16' x 1 1/4" nails. jute twine
Rawhide shoelace, 6 feet
Two 1/2"- diameter brass wire rings

Prepare patterns.
Cut body sections apart along inner lines, leaving darts.
From green wool; cut two each of underbody, front leg, back leg, and head.
From red wool, cut two bodies; from old gold wool, cut eight hooves and two noses.
Stitch noses to heads; stitch heads to bodies from A to B. Stitch front legs to bodies from C to D, back legs to bodies from E to F.
Stitch darts in underbodies; stitch underbody pieces together along center edges, leaving open between notches.
Stitch underbody to bodies from G to B, leaving bottom of legs open.
Stitch top of bodies together from B to G. Turn horse right side out.
Stuff head and body firmly, stopping at legs.
Cut dowel into four 9" pieces.
Cover each piece with a layer of fiberfill and insert into a leg opening, leaving about 1" extending; add stuffing at top of legs if necessary.
Stitch hoof pieces together in pairs along short edges.
Press raw edges 1/4" to wrong side; baste in place.
Turn hooves right side out.
Pull hooves over extending dowels, placing seams at front and back and having lower edges even with dowel ends.
Tuck raw edge of leg fabric under hoof and slip-stitch hoof to leg.
Turn in raw edges of underbody opening; whipstitch edges together with doubled, waxed thread and upholsterer's needle.
Use tailor's chalk and flexible ruler to mark vertical quilting lines on red portion of body: * Mark line 1/2" from back edge, next line 1/4" from previous line, the next line 1/2" away; repeat from * across section.
Thread needle with one strand button-and-carpet thread; work a row of running stitches along each chalk line, catching a little fiberfill as you stitch and pulling stitches taut to create a textured surface.
Remove chalk markings.

Cut 30 strands of twine 12" long; bunch together with ends even.
Tie strands together tightly 4" from one end with another piece of twine.
Tack tied area to top of head along seam at x, with longer ends toward back.
Fray out twine ends by separating plies.
Trim ends as desired.

Cut 26 strands of twine 24" long; bunch together with ends even.
Tie strands together tightly at center point with another piece of twine.
Tack tied area to center seam at dot F.
Fray and trim ends as for mane.

For nose band, use tape measure to find circumference of horse's nose at inner seamline; cut a piece of rawhide shoelace 1" longer than this measurement.
String brass rings onto rawhide piece.
Overlap rawhide ends 1/8" and sew together, using doubled, waxed thread in leather needle.
For cheek strap, measure horse's head from y to x to y.
Cut rawhide 1 1/2" longer than this measurement.
Thread one end of strap piece through a ring; fold end back to form a 1/2"-long loop and stitch to secure.
Repeat with remaining end and ring, completing bridle.
Fit bridle on horse's head, placing center of cheek strap just behind x; tack strap to head.
Adjust nose band so that "seam" is on underside and rings are about 1" apart.

Cut two 24" pieces of rawhide.
Thread a piece through one ring; bring ends together and twist the two strands together in a spiral fashion; knot ends in an overhand knot.
Repeat at remaining ring, then thread knot of one rein through last twist of other rein.

For axles, cut two 1" x 5 3/4" pieces from pine board; set aside.
Mark crosswise center of remaining pine piece.
Place cart pattern on pine, with center end at mark.
Mark and trim front end. as shown.
Drill a 1/4" hole through front of cart at circle.
Sand wooden pieces smooth, if desired.
Dust with tack cloth.
Stain wooden pieces, following manufacturer's directions.
When stain has dried, center horse on bottom side of cart piece with back legs 3 1/2" from back edge; trace around hooves. Drill 3/32" holes through cart at center of tracings.
Place horse on top side of cart and attach with 1 1/4" screws.
On one 1" side of each axle, mark points 1 1/4" from each end; drill 3/32" holes through axles at markings.
Place axles on bottom side of cart so that one is 4 3/4" from front edge, the other 3" from back edge.
Attach axles to cart with remaining screws.
Attach wheels to ends of axles with nails, placing a washer between wheel and axle and allowing a little play for wheels to turn easily.

Cut two 48" pieces of twine; hold together with ends even and fold in half.
Thread center loop through hole at front of cart from bottom to top side; pull ends through loop and tighten loop on cart.
Divide ends into pairs.
Working with one pair at a time, roll strands between fingers to twist them very tightly together in a counterclockwise direction.
Continue to roll strands until they begin to kink when tension is relaxed, then hold twist taut by clamping end in clothespin and taping pin to work surface.
Twist remaining pair in same manner, then twist the two cords togther clockwise to form pull cord.
Tie ends together in an overhand knot and trim as desired.

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