Santa is 16" high
Picture here and here
Pattern pieces here and here

Paper for patterns
Straight pins.
Dressmaker's tracing (carbon) paper
Dry ball-point pen
Sharp-pointed scissors
Tape measure
Sewing and embroidery needles
Sewing machine

Cardboard paint tub, one-gallon size
Aleene's "Tacky" glue
Matching sewing threads
Beige nylon stocking
Coral crayon
Two 1/4" black pompons
Red velour or flannel, piece 23" x 40"
White polyester fleece 45" wide, 3/8 yard
Black felt, two 9" x 12" pieces
Scrap red felt
Metallic gold oilcloth, piece 1 3/4"x 3"
White knitting worsted-weight yarn
Four 1 1/2" white pompoms

1. Draw lines across patterns, connecting grid lines.
2. Enlarge patterns by copying on paper ruled in 1" squares; complete half-patterns along dash lines.
3. Use dressmaker's carbon and dry ball-point pen to transfer patterns to wrong side of fabrics, placing pieces 1/2" from fabric edges and 1/2" apart.
4. Cut out pieces 1/4" beyond marked lines for seam allowances, unless otherwise directed. When cutting additional pieces without patterns and when cutting facial features, do not add seam allowances.
5. To assemble, pin pieces together with right sides facing and raw edges even; stitch on marked lines, making 1/4" seams.
6. Clip into seam allowance at curves and trim corners; turn piece to right side.
7. Referring to picture, assemble pieces and trim as directed.

Covering Paint Pail:
Measure circumference of pail at lip and add 1"; measure height of pail and add amount specified.
Use these measurements to cut a rectangle of felt or fabric.
Place bottom of pail on matching fabric and trace around with a pencil.
Unless otherwise directed, cut out circle 1/8" inside traced lines and set aside.
By hand, baste 1/4" from one long edge of fabric rectangle to gather.
Turn pail upside down so that bottom of pail is now shoulders of toy.
Place fabric, right side out, around pail, having gathering stitches 1/4" above shoulders unless otherwise directed.
Lap ends of fabric to fit, turning under raw edge if woven, and glue in place.
Turn fabric at bottom over lip of pail to inside and glue, unless otherwise directed.
Pull up gathering to fit at top; adjust gathers evenly and secure thread.
Glue edge to top of pail; glue circle to shoulders, covering stitching.

Cut an 8 1/2" tubular piece of nylon stocking.
Gather one end 1/4" from edge; pull closed, then turn right side out and stuff until head measures about 17" around.
Gather remaining end of stocking tightly.
For nose, cut a 1" circle of nylon unless otherwise directed; gather 1/8" from edge.
Pull up stitches and insert stuffing to make a ball about 1/2" across; secure thread; stitch gathered side of nose to center of face.
Glue black pompons slightly above and to each side of nose for eyes, unless otherwise directed.
"Rouge" cheeks with crayon.
Complete face as individually directed.

Cover scalp with loops of yarn, making loops of directed length and referring to picture for guidance on shaping hairline.

Unless otherwise directed, cut two 3 1/2" circles of nylon; gather edges and stuff as for nose, making them about 2" across.
Having gathered area at one end, flatten into a circle and secure thread.
For fingers, make four equally spaced stitches around opposite end of hand, working over edge and pulling thread tightly to indent hand.
Glue gathered end of hands inside prepared sleeves.

Cut red fabric to cover pail, cutting it 2 1/2" longer than height of pail.
Cover pail with fabric, having gathering stitches 1 1/2" above shoulders.
Turn lower edge to inside and glue in place.
Do not cut shoulder circle.
Cut a 7" x 17" piece fleece; roll up from a long edge.
Stitch ends of roll together by hand, forming a ring.
Glue ring to shoulder.
Glue three white pompons to front as shown.

Cut 3 1/2" strip of fleece long enough to fit around "waist."
Fold strip so that long edges meet at center of one side.
Glue this side of belt to body, having ends meet at center front. Cut 1 1/4" x 3" piece of oilcloth; glue over belt for buckle, tucking in edges of oilcloth.

Cut four sleeves of red fabric (reversing pattern for two) and four mittens of black felt.
Gather long straight edge of each sleeve; stitch to a mitten at wrist; press seams open.
Stitch arms together in pairs, leaving an opening along one edge for turning.
Turn right side out and stuff firmly; slip-stitch opening closed.
Cut and add fleece trim at wrists as for belt, having ends of fleece at inside of arms.
Glue open.
Fold each leg and stitch seam, leaving ends open.
Turn to right side and, centering seam, stitch across red end 1" from edge.
Stuff legs firmly; gather black ends tightly and secure thread.
Trim legs with fleece as for arms.

Cut four pieces black felt 3 3/8" x 4 1/4"; round off corners.
Stitch pieces together in pairs, leaving an opening for turning.
Turn to right side and stuff; slip-stitch opening closed.
Slip-stitch feet to black end of legs.
Glue top 1" of legs inside front of body.

Make head as directed, making nose 1" across.
Cut mouth of red felt and glue on.
Wind white yarn loosely around three fingers seven times; slip loops off fingers and tie tightly at center.
Glue tied area between nose and mouth for mustache. Do not make hair yet.

Cut hat of red fabric.
Stitch center back seam and turn to right side.
Turn under lower edge 1/4" and stitch in place.
Trim lower edge with fleece as for belt, placing ends at hat seam.
Glue pompon to tip of hat.

Place hat on head. On head, mark where edges of hat fall.
Remove hat and work hair at and below markings in white yarn, making loops about 1" long.
Work beard in same manner; work eyebrows in 1/4"-long loops.
Tack hat to head.

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