Grandma is 12 1/2" tall and her cat is 10" tall
Picture here
Grandma pattern here
Grandma's cat pattern here

For Grandma you will need:
1. Brown calico fabric, 45" wide, 1/4 yard
2. Brown polka-dot fabric 45" wide, 1/2 yard
3. Pinky-beige cotton knit, 7" square
4. Scrap 3/8" wide lace or tatted edging
5. Three 1/4 " diameter pearl buttons
6. Small amount of grey yarn for hair
7. Matching sewing thread
8. Six strand embroidery floss in bright blue, black and rose
9. Polyester fiberfill for stuffing

For Grandma's cat you will need:
1. Brown polka-dot fabric 45" wide, 1/2 yard
2. Scrap brown calico
3. Scrap beige felt or chamois
4. Matching sewing thread
5. Six strand embroidery floss in bright blue, black and rose
6. Polyester fiberfill for stuffing

Miscellaneous items:
Paper for patterns, pencil, colored pencil, ruler, scissors, embroiddery needles, large-eyed needle, compass, sewing machine with zigzag stitch and an iron.

Instructions for making Grandma:
1. Using a colored pencil, draw lines across patterns, connecting grid lines.
2. Complete half-patterns indicated by dash lines and enlarge patterns for body, face, bonnet back and front, arm and hand by copying on paper ruled in 1 " squares.
3. Cut pieces as follows, adding 1/2" seam allowance all around unless otherwise indicated:
4. From brown polka- dot fabric, cut two bodies and two arms using patterns (reverse arm pattern for right and left side and add seam allowance to straight edges only); also cut 9" diameter circle.

5. From brown calico, cut one bonnet back and one bonnet front, using patterns; also cut a 7" x 18" piece for apron, two 2"x9" strips for apron ties, and one 2 1/2" x 18" strip for bonnet ruffle.
6. From pinky-beige cotton knit, use pattern to cut face and single hand, adding seam allowance to wrist of hand only.
7. Make 1/4" hems along 7" side edges of apron.
8. Along one l8" edge, machine-stitch two rows of long basting stitches.
9. For apron ties, fold each 2" x 9" strip in half lengthwise, wrong side inward and with raw edges tucked in; topstitch along open long edge. Tuck in raw edges at one end on each tie; topstitch.
10. With right sides facing, pin bonnet back to bonnet front, easing at top as necessary; stitch.
11. For bonnet ruffle, fold 2 1/2" x 18" strip in half length-wise, wrong side inward; stitch along 18" edge. Turn in raw edges at each end; top- stitch.
12. Pleat ruffle strip to measure about 1 1 "; press and stitch to hold pleats along raw edge.
13. Pin ruffle to right side of front edge of bonnet; stitch.
14. Trim bonnet along ruffle with lace edging as in photograph; slip-stitch in place.
15. Pin right side of face to wrong side of bonnet front edge; stitch. Referring to pattern, mark placement and embroider facial features and hair.
16. Work eyes in six strands of blue and black floss as indicated.
17. Work mouth and nose in two strands of rose floss as indicated.
18. Satin stitch yarn hair from center part to outer edges of face as in photograph.
19. Seam body pieces together, right sides facing.
20. Machine-stitch two rows of long basting stitches along bottom edge of body (skirt).
21. Gather skirt edge to fit circle.
22. With right sides facing, pin and stitch circle to body; turn.
23. To assemble Grandma, gather long edge of calico apron to fit between dots marked X on body; baste in place.
24. Pin arms in place, lining up dots on arm and neck edge of body marked Y and overlapping left arm, wrist edge on top of right arm. Make certain lower edge of arms overlaps apron top edge.
25. Tuck in raw end of apron tie at lower back edge of arm.
26. Applique arms to body, using white thread and close with zigzag stitch.
27. Do not stitch overlapped wrist edges.
28. With right sides facing, pin hand to left wrist; stitch. Add lace edging and slip-stitch in place.
29. Attach open edges of hand to right arm, using buttonhole stitch and matching sewing thread. Lightly pad arms.
30. With right sides facing, pin head to neck edge; stitch, leaving opening to stuff. Stuff fully; tuck in raw edges at opening; slip-stitch closed.
31. Pin and hem lower edge of apron.
32. Add 3 small buttons down back seam of body, beginning at neck edge. Tie apron ties in bow.

Instructions for making Grandma's cat:
1. Enlarge patterns for cat as described for Grandma doll.
2. Adding 1/2" seam allowance all around, unless otherwise indicated, use patterns to cut two body pieces, one tail, two ears and back and front head pieces from brown polka-dot fabric. Also cut an 8" diameter circle from polka-dot fabric.
3. Referring to pattern, mark placement for leg details on body front along lower edge. Use close zigzag stitch to embroider details in brown thread.
4. With right sides facing, stitch body pieces together at side seams.
5. Machine-stitch two rows of long basting stitches along bottom edge of body. Fold tail in half lengthwise, right side inward; stitch and turn tail. Also make basting stitches around head back piece.
6. Use patterns to cut two beige felt or chamois ears and one nose.
7. Fold and press raw side edges of polka-dot ears to wrong side.
8. With wrong sides facing, use buttonhole stitch and matching thread to join beige ear to polka-dot ear. Use buttonhole stitch to attach nose to head front piece.
9. Referring to pattern, mark placement for eyes and mouth on front. Work eyes in six strands of blue and black floss as indicated. Work mouth in two strands of rose as indicated.
10. For whiskers, use doubled strands of black floss, and thread needle so that doubled ends go through needle.
11. Following dots around mouth, insert needle; remove needle and thread loose ends of floss through loop at opposite end; pull up and knot. Trim to 2 1/2".
12. To assemble cat, pull up basting stitches at lower edge of body to fit circle.
13. With right sides facing, pin circle to body adding tail at dots marked X, center back; stitch. Turn.
14. Pull up basting stitches around back of head and with right sides facing, pin back to front.
15. Add ears at dots marked Y. Stitch, leaving neck edge open.
16. With right sides facing, pin head to body; stitch, leaving opening. Turn; stuff cat.
17. Turn in raw edges and slip-stitch opening closed.
18. Make collar from scrap of calico. Cut collar strip to 2" x 7". Fold and press long edges to center on wrong side, then fold half again lengthwise. Fit collar neck; sew in place.

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