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Materials Needed:
1. Plain white or pale pink stretch sock, size 1 year
2. Sewing thread to match sock, fabrics, and yarn
3. Fiberfill
4. Pink crayon
5. Small amount of white-dotted green cotton fabric
6. Black and red six-strand embroidery floss
7. Orange worsted-weight yarn
8. Three red 3/4" pompons.
9. White dotted red trim 1 1/2" wide, 18 inches long
10. Green satin ribbon 3/8" wide, 18" length

1. Pencil
2. Ruler
3. Scissors
4. Paper
5. Sewing Machine
6. Sewing and embroidery needles
7. Compass
8. Iron

1. From green cotton fabric, cut 11 1/2" x 6" rectangle.
2. With right side inward and making 1/4" seam, stitch 6" edges together, forming tube.
3. Fold tube so that seam is centered; stitch one end (bottom) closed with 1/4" seam.
4. Still wrong side out, turn body so that one side edge is facing you.
5. Spread bottom corner to flatten into triangle and stitch across triangle 3/4" above point.
6. Repeat on opposite corner, thus "boxing" bottom of body.
7. Turn raw edges at top 1/4" to wrong side. Baste along fold.
8. Turn body to right side; stuff, then pull basting thread to gather neck, leaving 1/2" diameter opening.

1. Flatten toe of sock; mark a line 5" from toe seam. Cut on marked line through double thickness.
2. Stuff toe with a firm, apple-sized ball of fiberfill.
3. To make the nose, place a firm pea-sized ball of fiberfill at center of one side.
4. Thread needle with 18" length of thread.
5. Bring needle through back of head to front at center bottom of nose; pull gently, burying knot in fiberfill. Wind thread around base of nose a few times.
6. Reinsert needle through bottom of nose; bring out at back of head; end off.
7. Gently push face upward to form 2" long neck. Wrap thread around neck to secure.
8. Insert neck of head into neck of body; tack in place.

Neck Ruff:
1. For neck ruff, cut 3" x 18" piece of red-dotted fabric; fold in half lengthwise, wrong side inward.
2. Press short ends under 1/4" and baste close to long unfinished edge.
3. Place ruff around neck. Pull basting to fit neck; secure gathers.

1. Enlarge pattern by copying on paper ruled in 1/2" squares.
2. Cut out pattern; use to mark hat on fabric, placing dash line of pattern on fold of fabric. Cut out 1/4" beyond marked lines.
3. With night side in, stitch long-curved edges together with 1/4" seam. Press bottom edges 1/4" to wrong side.
4. Turn hat to right side. Tack pompom to tip.
5. Tack hat to head.

To Finish:
1. With two strands of floss in needle, inserting needle from back of head, make black straight-stitch eyes and red outline- line-stitch mouth.
2. Rouge cheeks with crayon.
3. For hair, cut 12 6" lengths of orange yarn. Mark center part on head, 1" long.
4. Working from front of part to back, tack center of each strand of yarm to part, using matching thread.
5. Finger-comb strands down to cover head; fray ends.
6. Tack two pompons to center front of body.
7. Tie ribbon in bow around neck.