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1. 10 spring-type clothespins
2. Craft glue
3. Cotton balls
4. Fabric scrap (4" square) for the tiny quilt and pillow

1. Remove the clips and separate the clothespins (20 halves).
2. Glue four halves together side by side - with tops together for headboard and
footboard (see picture).
3. Repeat again for bed slat, but point tops in alternate diretions.
4. When all the sections are dry, glue flat side of one clothespin half to each end
of the head and footboards for bed posts.
5. Lower the slat into place, rest it in the bottom ridges of head and footboards.
6. Glue two clothespin halves to either side of bed as guardrails so baby won't fall out!

Quilt and Pillow:
1. Fold the fabric scrap in half, stuff with cotton balls and stitch.
2. To make pillow section, top-stitch across quilt, 1" from top edge.

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